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Message from the Chairman

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has performed a lot of achievements in the field of Architectural advancement, to the extent that it is now considered one of the biggest nations having fast steps towards the development in this field.

I have the honor to be one of the pioneers to participate in achieving such progress in the most important and hardest stages that Kingdom had faced. At that time, I already had finished my college education & graduated from origin university in USA and returned home in 1973. I realized how much the Kingdom was in need to national specialized distinct engineering qualifications. Arch. Centre started on 1977 in which it was considered one of the first engineering offices that has been established in the Kingdom facing all kinds & challenges and competing with foreign experienced consultant experts on which the Kingdom used to depend upon in executing its projects.Now, and after passing more than Forty years, fulfilling a great part of our targeted ambitions, we are proud to participate in building the architectural advancement achieved in the Kingdom which could not be reached to same high level without sincere efforts exerted. We are continuing Inshallah to satisfy more of our aims and future plans within the huge architectural current progress in the Kingdom specially during the first decade of twenty first century. Arch. Centre shall continue to submit all services in higher standards and with a professional methodology always. Asking Almighty Allah to help in achieving our aims, goals in the proper shape.

Arch. Othman A. Al-Sulaiman
Arch. Centre