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Arch. Centre


It was established in 1977 (corresponding to 1396H) by both Engr. Othman Ahmad Al Sulaiman and Rashid Saad Al Rashid in a serious attempt to support the architectural advancement in the Kingdom in their more important recent phases. Depending on local experts and qualifications principally to introduce major projects to match the international specifications with the use of national products. The human resources from both local and foreign experiences were developed and increased, to come up to a staff of around 200 workers varying between Architects Planners, Architects, Engineers, Technicians and Administratives.Arch Centre is providing consulting services in several different disciplines, including Architectural Planning and Design, Urban and Regional Planning, Architectural Designs, Interior Designs, Landscaping, Infrastructural Works, Design and Studies of Public Networks, Roads, Services, Utilities for Residential, Educational, Medical, Commercial and Administration, Industrial sites and Constructions.

These services are performed in a proper professional manner, starting from study & conceptual ideas stages up to final complete engineering studies, executive programs, construction supervision and projects managements, done by complete work teams with the cooperation with local and international specialized offices in case of specialized and natured projects. We concentrate to deal with customers whom are searching for proper quality and distinctive production, whom are trusting with our accomplishments and capabilities. Our customers are varying between private and public sectors consisting of Ministries, Authorities, Establishments, Companies and individuals, in different Residential, Educational, Medical, Commercial, Industrial and services fields.The work introduced in this volume are representing a brief survey to the outcome of Arch. Centre ambitions, experiences, productions through more than 40 years of works and projects, reflecting conceptions and principals that we believe in, as this projects shall reflect the extent of authenticity of social values, culture, art and capabilities which were executed to its personnel and future generations. Any building or architectural formation or any shown environments must act with the cultural, social, economical and environmental influences and factors related with the society, this is achieved in a manner to comply and preserving the local natural national wealth.

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Mission and Vision

  • Permanent continuity in looking forward and having ambition to introduce a creative architectural engineering view and product.
  • Submitting the innovated unique ideas and solutions that combine the present status with past heritage processing towards future.
  • Our dreams shall be converted to tangible facts, reflecting our desire and willing for the development and penetrating into wider scopes that shall add new products of engineering works, this shall be touched by present generations and to be considered by the future generations as landmarks in the construction civilization history.
  • Issue continuous efforts with strong enthusiasm towards superiority and predominate in whatever we are acting, through providing the manpower, modern technology, sustainability development, protecting the environment in supplying active creative solutions that match with the time spirit, they shall be in conformance with our heritage, culture, mixing them in a revived mould, expressing a genius view of place and time.
  • In the fast development faced by the engineering works, the ability of change and renovation is considered one of the basic factors of continuity. We are acting to have equilibration between all members: Human, Environment, Science and Technology.
  • If you are not anticipating the unexpected events then you shall not achieve it and to achieve these you have to search for the new means. We confirm that we have these we believe that we are leaders to satisfy our customer’s needs and desires. We are ready to utilize our sources and wide experiences to prove that we exceed our client’s expectations not only satisfy their needs